Tan Towel Classic Starter Package

Tan Towel Classic Starter Package

Starter Package includes: Half Body Classic 10 pack, 8oz.On the Glow, 10 pack X-foliator
Benefits include:
# Ease in travel with no mess (e.g., leaks, spills, etc.)
# Single use application
# Towel Measures 12"x9"
# Dries in seconds
# No streaking and easy to apply.
# Allows you to gauge the levels of tan based on the number of towelette applications
# The fragrance will dissipate within 5 minutes
# Will not combat with perfume or cologne
# Individually heat sealed packet maintains quality and integrity of product to ensure long-lasting life.
# This Product Does Not Contain A Sunscreen



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General Self Tanning Tips
    * Always start with a clean, dry body.
    * Can take 2 applications to achieve desired results.
    * Moisture Mist, and On The Glow are the only recommended products to use right after Tan Towel application, otherwise, it is recommended to wait 3-4 hours before applying moisturizers.
    * Tan Towel contains no stains or dyes so you will not see any immediate color. The only way any discoloration will appear is if you miss a spot (or if you apply to wet skin), so be thorough in your application.
    * IMMEDIATELY after applying, thoroughly wash the palms of your hands.
Tan Towel PLUS products are formulated to achieve results of a deeper and darker tan

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