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Avenue Arabella was created with you in mind. This Boutique always offers new luxury and designer accessories. Bookmark this site and check back often--many items are one-of-a kind for a particular season and won't last long!

Thank you so much for visiting Avenue Arabella - we are happy you found us and hope you find something just right for a friend, family member, colleague, or maybe a treat for yourself and your "Paws"!

About us

Avenue Arabella has been online since 2004, serving you with the best in fashion and value. We have a commitment to serving you with the best value and with fast shipping. We want you to get your things - fast!

We serve the community too. We strongly believe in giving our time and talent to help people. One of our ongoing projects (2 years +) is feeding homeless in the community. We work with a group of other men and women who have successful businesses. We buy food, meet at 6:30 on Saturday morning and go to one of the blighted areas of town that has a persistent homeless population. We prepare a hearty breakfast, listen to the problems, and share our lives with our neighbors. Many are transient, temporarily down and out. Many are chronically homeless, with mental problems, drug addiction and alcoholism. All appreciate the breakfast and the companionship.

Avenue Arabella does not have sales. We do work to provide you with the best price and value on the best merchandise around. When we end up with too much of something, or decide the item no longer fits in our exclusive inventory, we donate it. We don't mark it down, sell to a jobber or have a "sample sale." No, we donate it. New apparel goes to the clothes closet of the local shelter, gift items are donated to charity flea markets. Pet items go to a pet rescue organization.

Avenue Arabella is all about making you very happy with your purchases! We make sure every item that is shipped out is new, fresh, pristine and in perfect order. Shipping is an art - we work to insure the package does its job to get to you safe and sound, with all enclosed goods in fine condition. And finally, we work to get your purchase into your hands as quickly as we can! We have been known to make late night trips to the airport to make the very last FedEx pickup! Check our shipping policies to see how we take care of you.

Thank you for shopping at Avenue Arabella - we love serving you!